Adaptation Strategies Matrix


Planning for Coastal Hazards

Resilient Cape Cod was a NOAA-funded, three-year project intended to investigate environmental and socio-economic effects of local and regional coastal resiliency strategies. The Cape Cod Commission, its grant partners, and a region-wide stakeholder group contributed to the creation of several community resources, including the Cape Cod Coastal Planner, an Adaptation Strategies Matrix, and a Town of Barnstable training and pilot program.

The Cape Cod Coastal Planner is an online, GIS-based educational tool intended to facilitate conversations and support community decision making around coastal resiliency issues.

Adaptation Strategies

Adaptation strategies are actions that can be taken to protect an area from coastal hazards like sea level rise, storm surge, and erosion. The intention of the matrix is to organize information on the spectrum of resiliency strategies available, including where they may be used and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Spectrum of Adaptation Strategies - the matrix includes a range of strategies from taking no action, to "green" or policy-based options, to "gray" engineering structure options.


Educational Fact Sheets

Summary views of all 43 adaptation strategies. Explore all the fact sheets below.


Cape Cod Coastal Planner

Selected strategies are distilled and integrated into the Coastal Planner for scenario planning.



Download the comprehensive matrix as an Excel workbook.

Adaptation Strategies Matrix

This Adaptation Strategies Matrix details a wide range of strategies available to communities addressing coastal issues, whether they seek to protect the coastline, accommodate changing conditions, or retreat from these hazards.

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